Disappear 500 million debt of Chilean students


    Burning documents meant the ultimate proof of an unfair debt at the Universidad del Mar, has been a major victory for the Chilean student movement.

    Artist self-reported having burnt US$500 millions in bank drafts to free Universidad del Mar students (Chile) . This action released from their loans all students of Universidad del Mar who had been scamed by this market-driven education.

    Chilean artist Francisco “papas fritas” Tapias, confessed and self-reported to have burnt bank drafts valued US$500 millions aiming to free all Universidad del Mar students from their loans.

    This action, Francisco explains on a video, was done without the knowledge of the students when he turned to the University with the pretext to do a piece of art that would take the case into account. At that moment, the artist conceived a plan to remove the bank drafts and procede to burn them, releasing from their loans thousands of students of this university.

    Francisco has present himself on monday may 12 th at GAM Cultural Center in Santiago to make his confession public. This subversive act, what he said to be “his way to help, with his own means, these thousands of students that were scammed by Universidad del Mar directing board” has as its objective to sensitise and create controversy and demonstrate different ways to fight against business explotation practices around education that goverments have enshrined. “I didn’t go to university” he said on the video “and I express myself through what I can do, art, this is the tool I found to contribute to the cause”.

    Confession and self-denunciation before justice

    The morning of may 15 th Francisco “Papas Fritas” appeared in court to make a self-denunciation served with a confession. “I answer for all consequences and apologise in front of the students, they didn’t know anything but that was the best way to do it, occupying the old traditions of clandestinity as valid tools for present times” he pointed. This action, according to “Papas Fritas”, attemps to free Universidad del Mar students from all debts, this is the goal, and to urge more people to do similar actions.

    The video of Selfconfesion

    In a long interview made in the morning broadcast of Villa Francia Radio, Francisco Papas talked about the consequences of his “action”, the problems over criminalization in Chile and the institutionalized unjustice in this country.

    Without the loan contract originals, there is no debt. Probably they have copies and may concoct a loophole to try to recover the money. In fact, from last year there is a lawsuit presented by the University that deals with the missing documents during the occupation, of which “Francisco Papas” makes himself responsible and confess his authorsip.

    The fight is in the art too.. what I know I’ve learned in life, now I think this must be the fight of a movement, an educational movement, there are many ways to fight and the youngsters must fight not to pay, demand that the State take responsibility for what they have created. Art is also a tool and there are many, that are demonstrating through action and subverting and mobilizing through its art, understanding that we are workers”. The ashes of the loan contracts of DMU were exhibited in an art installation in the GAM in which “El Proyecto Kombi” took part.

    We reproduce the statement made on 16 May by Francisco Papas, because it meaning


    “ I want to first thank each and every person who has supported this action, everyone who has identified with this action and, especially, a lasting and most profound thank-you to the humble people who smiled because, perhaps for the first time in ages, those with a collar and tie lose, and we win.

    Now , let’s clarify :

    What is certain is that the media, guided by the market and the politicians, like inbreds, simply try to confuse and conceal this other  aspect :

    The original promissory notes of the Universidad del Mar of all of Chile were burned. The rector himself acknowledges their non-existence ( and last year they pressed charges) . The recievership assumes there are no endorsement or accounting documents in the Universidad del Mar.

    The expert legal system assumes that students must make a declaration ( should they begin a civil action ) and say whether or not they have any debt. It is clear that the students of the Universidad del Mar should say ” NO” and the process is then simplified, and they can be free of the debts that have oppressed them for a long time.

    Those who fear are always in collusion , and have kept this land in oppression, exploited and dominated. Therefore, in desperation , thet have been lying and trying to deflect the truth along with the bastard press. That’s why I refused to scratch the back of the media belonging to the millionaires of this country, who got rich under the military dictatorship and who carried on exploiting the worker for decades. They fear the losses that may arise in their companies and banks. They see this wildfire out of no-where, that could destroy their fortunes and fear that this example could be repeated by others, and that they might have to pay the debts of thousands of cheated, young people out of their own pockets.

    We need to combine forces and lose the fear of criminalisation that we have in our heads. It is time for student and worker movements unite to find freedom , dignified work and wages, paving the way to freedom from the chains of capitalism.

    We hope movements which aim for real social change will quickly take a stance before the injustice suffered by their colleagues at the University of Mar, and will take definite actions of mutual support and cooperation.

    Many doubted and others tried to ridicule and devalue this action because they cannot handle it , cannot incorporate it into their mindset, their organizational structures or their interests. Therefore I appeal to men and women free of prejudices and dogmas to go beyond the limits and see where it takes us.

    I wantd to emphasise the justice in this work against the delinquents, those who remain the creditors; and not .

    Finally, I address minister Eyzaguirre , who has been unable to talk  about the $ 500 million in ill-gotten profits that I incinerated , equivalent in value of two well equiped hospitals or public universities . Ultimately this $ 500 million in debt is obviously hiding the truth , and  his complicit silence will reveal the government´s intentions which are not free education , and doesn´t stop with profits, they are backed up and collude in a friendly alliance but with murderous intentions behind the scenes.

    I ask you to believe in this project , in this work, in this act of love and companionship. DON´T PAY DEBTS THEY WANT YOU TO BELIEVE YOU HAVE , AND I INVITE YOU, IF SOMEONE WANTS TO FOLLOW THE EXAMPLE , TO LEAVE THE ASHES OF DEBTS OF MORE UNIVERSITIES the profits of YOUR LIFE, YOUR SWEAT AND YOUR RIGHTS .

    The work presented in the GAM not be moved from that place by me , but by you, when you want to end it . Please take it for yourselves, transform this world once and for all .


    Reflected in the Kombi , and observed in Chile and around the world, is the asassinated body of our working classes , deprived of liberty . That Kombi be burned as an artwork and taken up by you, by everyone, you are the owners of this and of freedom .

    This body of work dies, the moment that the social revolution becomes real. We demand that the state give us a real answer . Freedom from debt ,that is upheld and promoted ,freedom to the thousands of families swindled by this illegal , indemnified profit . Let us ensure the right to knowledge and study in a pluriversity , thereby recognizing all the people who inhabit this land,  like so many others.

    THIS IS NO JOKE , despite appearances, IS NOT A GAME , although it is fun to play with those who have always played with us. Nor is it a quest for fame , that which comes to those who turn somersalts for others for amusement and submission.

    I wish as an eroticized society that we might build a social body without strings , without masters without slaves or anyone exploiting anyone else.

    I ask please , brothers and sisters , that none of this turns me into a “hero” or a martyr , these figures are invented to idealize and to keep us under control .

    Do not fall into that trap.

    Greetings to all my sisters, partners , friends with deep love from another person, embracing with you to create a social body mass that might never be mutilated by the neoliberal system , or any system that exploits the freedom of men and women . Wake up, live, we are free .


    With brotherly love

    FRANCISCO PAPAS ‘one more , some add together , all one. “

    From somewhere , May 16, 2014 . “

    Exit from clandestinity

    After nearly two weeks in hiding Francisco Tapia reappeared on Tuesday, May 27 , after being aware that the judicial process is not clear and may be long as there is no evidence against him, beyond his self-incrimination , which of moment, apparently , freedom is not in danger.


    In the in-depth interview after leaving his hiding ( video in Spanish ) explains in detail why students will not have to pay these unjust debts. It is essential to know the history of the university, which broke without canceling the debts of the students who were forced to loan these studies which were truncated by its closure.

    A key fact which is explained in the interview is the discovery before the action that the university had previously deleted the digital record of the debt, for fear of being accused for corruption related to it , although continued to collect student loan payments .

    Although especially round the particular situation of the university and the injustices suffered by their students , that action certainly precedent and feed the imagination of upcoming creations and social struggles .

    Enric Duran


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    1. Love and luck to Papas Fritas – the criminals are the evil overlords that have oppressed the people by government and religious dogma. Enslaved with no future but obedience to the corrupt structure of society that takes their life and soul from them.

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