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Revolutionaries, activists, disobedient, Integrals, creators, movers, dreamers, free, committed, resistant, networked and  selfmanaged.

The choice of disobedience as our path is what moved us to organize ourselves and create spaces which are autonomous and free from oppression.

Our strategy began with the protection of the freedom of those who have already  disobeyed and who are feeling harassed by the mechanisms of power.

The responsibility being free of the enemy’s claws is what made us re-think our way of life. Faced with persecution, we decided to protect our physical integrity.

This is how RADI began, as a collective structure for the protection and defense of activists committed to the radical transformation of society. We clearly see that disobedience doesn’t fit in jail.

This structure also allows the paths of creativity and action action already in place to continue to develop away from the eyes of repression, thus ensuring freedom of expression.

Now we want to step forward with strength and be more proactive. We already know that one of the most powerful ways to protect those who are fighting is to disseminate news of their actions. This is why RADI is starting off in the field of information.

That’s why we are announcing that a new communication medium, RADIMS, is about to be born. A new world from the Integral Revolution.